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This is 40

A late December batch of links replaced by my year-end recap

On loneliness

My big day at the mothership

A mid-December batch of links

Don't sit on what can be prevented

Shifting minds on job hopping

A late November batch of links

Set aside creativity. Play up your devotion.

Threads, having never been on Threads

A mid-November batch of links

As you pursue rewards, seek recognition, not accolades

You can't treat what you can't diagnose

An early November batch of links

Why I've returned to therapy (again)

Bringing in 5784

A late October batch of links

What will you get promoted on amid a new way of work?

On popularity contests

An early October batch of links

Some good reflections from my first two-week vacation

Getting from longterm freelance to full-time

A late September batch of links

My language shift to ward off mess

Transforming yourself at work

An early September batch of links

Why boomerang employees are on the rise

The most valuable question to ask readily at a job interview

OoO this week. Batch of links replaced by a recent PR win

The problem with hiring too many of the smartest people

What neurodiversity is - and what you should accept about our differences

An early August batch of links

Recognizing when it's time to let go

How to negotiate equity

A late July batch of links

Assessing the in-person event I ran

Driving away fears

An early July batch of links

How to, mid-career, successfully onboard yourself at a new job

You can't erase all mistakes, but you can certainly stop them from compounding

A late June batch of links, and an ask about meetups

Should you be billing them for your time?

Assessing how my recent presentation went

A mid-June batch of links

What's on executives' minds these days? A careers expert weighs in

How to talk about pregnancy and maternity leave: a guest chimes in

An early June batch of links

My days as the remote employee: wins and losses

Is this the real life or is it anxiety?

A late May batch of links

Wisdom is yours to spread, not to hoard

What 'fractional' executive work is - and why it has taken off

An early May batch of links

Move past nostalgia and embrace who you've brought along

Making sense of making cents

A late April batch of links

Your goals must match other people's goals, otherwise you have lousy goals

It's about time to chuck the old playbook and write a new one

OoO this week. Batch of links replaced by a successful PR placement

When your career feels as though it never truly began

Clearing up the generalist vs. specialist debate

A late March batch of links

The best career advice you can give to 20-somethings

What everyone gets wrong about hybrid work

An early March batch of links

What I see determines what I'm looking for

Managing up begins with managing yourself

A late February batch of links

What "Stutz" gets somewhat right and gets mostly wrong about therapy (without spoilers)

My original take on The Ten Commandments that I delivered in a sermon this morning

An early February batch of links

Is that a microaggression? An up close and personal explainer.

Restoring order amid continual disruption

A late January batch of links

On dealing with disappointment

The best way to describe yourself professionally in 2023

Early January batch of links

What you learn from being fired twice in a calendar year