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Reflections on one year of Substack and 39 years of friendships

No batch of links this week: OoO end-of-year check-in

Rethinking gift giving

What corporate events should become going forward

A December holiday batch of links

The meetings you want have already arrived

Forget small talk. Treat it as bigger.

An early December batch of links

You're wrong about mission-driven organizations

My deliberate shift away from sports

A late November batch of a links

People outsource mostly the wrong things

What a career pivot really looks like

An early November batch of links

How to find the right questions to ask

Breaking out of a holding pattern

A late October batch of links

Running productive and proactive weekly 1:1s

What I'll remember from the High Holy Days

An early October batch of links

Why good workers seem to fade away

Short Rosh Hashana thoughts

Customer experience in a hybrid world

A late September batch of links

Why company size matters most in where you choose to work

A CEO reflects on cutting 20 percent of staff

Early September batch of links

A first-time manager reflects on his first months in the role

What's the deal with job titles?

A late August batch of links

A chance encounter opened a portal to my past

On performance reviews

A mid-August batch of links

Marking the loss of a great friend

The case against defaulting to backfill roles

Late July batch of links

A life lesson from summer vacation

Short personal branding thoughts and examples

A mid-July batch of links

What it means to grow diagonally in your career

How to get along with your mother-in-law

Grief surrounds us, but it doesn't consume us

No batch of links this week: OoO midway check-in

What HR has gotten wrong all of this year

Five reflections on six months of Wordle

A late June batch of links

Look further than the five love languages

How you know it's time to leave

An early June batch of links

What burnout does to you: A reader chimes in

Late May batch of links

Online courses have failed, long live online courses

The right way to level up your presentations

Three professional outreach templates to borrow and adopt as your own

Early May batch of links

The #1 key to winning at job interviews

What the Great Resignation is all about: Ikigai

A late April batch of links

Checking in on my new year's resolution

Short Passover thoughts

Build a muscle, followed by a reputation, then a network, and ultimately a movement

An early April batch of links

What does company culture even mean anymore?

Clarity around charity

A springtime welcome batch of links

What it's like to look for a new job right now

Agency life is giving way to individual agency

A mid-March batch of links

How I came to tell on myself to my manager

The nine-minute sermon I delivered this morning

A late-February batch of links

Explaining Growth PR at five different levels

The data behind and beyond The Great Resignation

A lovely Valentine's batch of links

Find yourself, find your people, refine yourself

Seeing between the cracks

A late January batch of links

How to get your manager to think about you differently

Creating 2022 solutions: how I'm living better the values I believe in

A mid-January set of links to heat up your winter

How to make a good impression on a stranger in 30 minutes or less

Where The Great Resignation is taking us